Skating Club

Each week skating club members walk to the Selkirk Arena during their lunch hour to skate. Students are encouraged to bring their own helmets and skates, however the school does have a supply that can be signed out by the students that morning.

Sledging Club

The school division has six sledges that the students can utilize each week at the Selkirk Arena during their lunch hour. Student wear boots, hockey gloves and a helmet with a cage.

Art Club

Once a week a group of students from grades 3-6 come together to explore and share their interests in making our school a more beautiful place to be. We take our imaginations and ideas and come up with plans to create new pieces of art. We've tried photography, mosaics, sketching, painting, sculpting and so much more. In fact, we have even re-decorated our girls' washrooms by painting around the mirrors on the wall. We are not "artists" but we consider ourselves lucky to be able to see and celebrate the beauty of our world. If you share our enthusiasm, please sign up for the Robert Smith Art Club.

Choir/Drama Club

Choir/drama club is a club open to students in grades 3-6. This club allows students to further develop their singing voices in a group setting. Students learn fun warm-ups, different types and styles of songs, and have a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year. Students also engage in different drama games and activities which help to develop confidence, community, improvisation skills, and imagination! Snack is also offered to students between the choir and drama portions of the club.

Play Club

At morning recess, from 10:45 to 11:00 AM, Ms. Yeomans, the RSS Counsellor, invites interested students to come to Play Club in Room 17. All students from Grade 1 to 6 are welcome to drop in on days when they would like a change from outdoor play activities. Students may bring board games, toys, or art supplies from their own classrooms or they can use the play items I keep in the room. The expectation is that students will play interactively with others or imaginatively or their own. Computer games and electronic devices are not allowed though students are permitted to take turns playing Wii Sport games. Play Club allows students to become friends across classes and across grades and it allows older students to build a helping, friendly relationship with the younger children who attend. Twice weekly, I also hold an afternoon Play Club from 1:10 to 1:40 PM -- announcements are made in the morning to advise students when the afternoon Play Club is running.